Tips For Preparing to Get a Brochure Printed

This includes such things as using business cards and distributing flyers or brochures learn more. It can be very tempting for both experienced marketers and novices alike to just slap something together and start printing brochures but there are some things that need to be considered first:

Target Market:

It is very important that all the design elements of the brochure are well put together before it can be sent off for printing. Many individuals make the mistake of designing brochures which are suited to their own tastes. It is highly doubtful that one needs to be convinced to buy one’s own product. The people who need to be reached are the potential consumers who are most likely to be interested in what is being offered. One wouldn’t expect to produce a brochure for sporting goods with a pink and white colour scheme and flowers around the borders. Take the time to research the audience and really get to know what they’re attracted to.


There are many things which affect the price of Brochure Printing including some that might be taken for granted. Most places will be able to provide an instant quote based on factors such as:

• Quality of paper.
• Number of folds (bi-fold, tri-fold, etc.)
• Colour of ink (coloured brochures typically cost more than black and white).
• Brochure size (larger brochures cost more).
• Number of brochures needed.
• Additional features which may be added.

Bulk orders usually go for a discounted price so, if one thinks that the need for brochures may increase in the future it’s probably best to just have all printed at once.

Choosing a Print Shop:

There are many companies, both online and local, which offer brochure printing services. The first thing to consider is the price. This may take some shopping around and, while it may get a little tedious, there’s no point to spending more money than is necessary. However, this isn’t the only factor. The quality of the brochures must be high or you might as well just print them at home. Of course this is an option and one needs to consider whether it is more cost effective to have it done professionally or do it oneself.

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